DJ Booking Agency: Some Helpful Information

17 08 2009

DJ Agency Info For Bookers:

In this brand new Blog we aim to offer advice to clients and also to DJs regarding DJ agencies. Most clients need help in choosing the right DJ for their event. Booking through DJ agencies definitely has it’s benefits in this regard as the DJ agency can offer quality assurance regarding the DJ, whilst saving bookers valuable time searching for and contacting individual DJs and evaluating CVs. DJ Agents can also manage for you the many logistics involved, particularly if booking multiple DJs for large events.

Sourcing a DJ doesn’t have to be rocket science, likewise for DJ’s there are currently many options for getting onto DJ agency’s rosters. Whilst some DJ agencies may offer you cheap inexperienced DJs, others can provide you with quality, excellence & professionalism when it comes to DJs. Fees are often open to some negotiation in this day and age, with many not charging any booking fees, which can also save you some money. We will be discussing these topics further over the coming weeks in this brand new Blog.

DJ Agency Info For DJs:

Upcoming DJs now have many options open to them regarding DJ agencies and promotion, largely thanks to the evolution of the Internet. Countless DJ agency websites have sprung up over the past few years, a large number of which offer a subscription service for a fee. In return a DJ will receive a webpage with all their credentials publicized and promoted on a highly visible Internet platform.

However with this boom in DJ agents comes a boom in the number of DJs on the market, meaning increased competition. In this regard it is becoming more crucial to register with an agency’s such as these rather than try and build your own website, promote it, market it and optimize it, as this takes time, money and a lot of skill plus constant updating to keep up with market trends. Also remember that all established DJs, Artists, Bands & Record Labels spend a large proportion of their budget on marketing and it is advisable that DJs also do this to maximize exposure. We will elaborate further on these topics on this Blog-spot over the coming weeks to give you more insight into the business.